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Meeting of the LMQS project partners in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

From March 14 to March 17, 2023, a meeting (GPI 3) of ERASMUS+ LMQS project partners took place in Almaty (Kazakhstan)/ The planned meeting on the project was attended by: foreign coordinator from France Prof. Jean Noel Pachoud, Country Coordinator from Azerbaijan Prof. Hasan Huseynov, Country coordinator from Kazakhstan Prof. Makashev Yerlan and partner participants from Kazakhstan, universities of KazNU (P5), KSU (P6), YUKMA (P7), City Clinical Hospital No. 7 (P16), KazNMU (P21) and KRMU (P22). The meetings were held at the universities of KazNU (P5), KazNMU (P 21), Crimea (P 22) and at the City Clinical Hospital No. 7 (P16).

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