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South Kazakhstan Medical Academy was founded in 1979 as the exclusive pharmaceutical university of Kazakhstan, offering bachelor's, master's and additional professional education programs. In 2018, the Academy adopted the procedure of institutional accreditation of the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance of Education, in 2014-2019 - specialized accreditation of bachelor's and master's programs. In 2015, the Academy signed the Magna Carta of Universities (Bologna), then became a member of the International Association of Universities. Teachers of the Academy, who have been trained in new educational technologies in Kazakhstan and abroad, conduct training of teachers at the UCMA seminar on the exchange of experience. University teachers are involved in the development and implementation of a single modular curriculum "Patient-oriented care and evidence-based practice", "Communication skills and medical ethics" for the development of key competencies of medical professionals within the framework of the project of modernization of medical education.

The Academy has extensive experience in clinical training of doctors: 34 departments in 102 clinical bases identified by the university. Clinical departments conduct relevant research in the fields of neurology, infectious diseases, surgery, oncology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology. The team of clinical departments participates in the development of national protocols for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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