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Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU) is one of the leading universities of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of technical education. It was founded under the name Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute with 4 faculties in the capital city of Baku in 1950. Today, the university has seven faculties.

The scientific achievements of the university are published in the scientific and technical journal. The rich library of the university has more than 500,000 books in different languages. Among the graduates of AzTU there are a number of well-known specialists in Azerbaijan and many countries of the world.

AzTU has established partnerships and signed more than 120 agreements with leading universities in Turkey, Russia, the United States, France, Spain, Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Romania, and other key elements of our progress. Our university has won several TEMPUS, ERASMUS + and HORIZONS projects, as well as collaborated with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Scientific and Technical Center of Ukraine (STC), TACIS / TRACECA of the EU.

More than 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students, who will be able to solve all the problems of modern science and technology, are trained in lecture halls and laboratories equipped with modern equipment in accordance with the credit system of the planned curriculum through the Bologna process.

Since 2005, biomedical engineering research for bachelor's and master's degrees has been taught at the Azerbaijan Technical University. The Department of Biomedical Engineering was established at AzTU in 2014.

The bachelor's degree is conducted in the direction of "Biomedical Engineering", and the master's degree in the direction of "Biomedical Engineering" in three specialties: "Engineering works in biological and medical practice", "Service of biomedical and radio-electronic devices", " Medical and diagnostic. methods and equipment ".

Students of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering study such subjects as biology, computer science, biophysics, methods of medical diagnostics, computer technologies, biophysics, medical cybernetics, information technologies, and biomaterials in Azerbaijani and Russian. These students learn to experiment with new biomedical devices, apply new inventions, work with biomedical equipment, develop new biomedical devices and tools, and certify new biomedical equipment. Students who have completed their training in biomedical technology engineering can work in medical and diagnostic centers, biological centers, clinics, and other jobs as engineers,

The department has connections with the  Surgical Center named after Topchubashov, the National Institute of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, the Central Clinical Hospital, and the Republican Cancer Center. On the basis of an agreement with these medical institutions, the department organizes research internships for students and postgraduates of the I, II and IV courses.

The Department conducts state-funded research in the field of "high technologies in device design". The department conducts research work on the determination of information parameters for the development of devices and software for processing electrophysiological signals on medical devices and for the diagnosis of diseases.

Teachers of the department have published numerous monographs, scientific articles and conference abstracts.

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