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Doctors have a high social mission: the health of the nation is their responsibility. As an educational institution for the training of medical personnel, we especially feel our responsibility to society. We are constantly and successfully working to improve the educational model of the University and from the first days of training we are implementing the fundamental values of the medical business, paying attention to the needs of society and innovations in the field of healthcare. We involve world-famous doctors and well-known Kazakhstani and foreign scientists in the educational process.

The university has 23 departments with 14 courses in all medical specialties, - 698 teachers-698, more than 4500 students, 178 students of dormitories, 22 undergraduates, scientific and educational modules in the field of advanced medical systems, schools of scientific and practical psychology of medicine, a call center for psychological assistance to families with disabled children.

Our strategic goal is to create an effective model of a socially oriented university within the framework of a public-private partnership that provides high-quality medical education in the medical services market.

Our view:

- creating a flexible model of a competitive private university in the field of training specialists in higher and postgraduate education.

- develop the quality of medical services

- introduction of innovative technologies, mobile and mobile medicine, contributing to the modernization of the national education system

- research and innovation center for research potential in the field of health and social protection

- center for the system of continuous professional training of healthcare and education specialists

- center for integration with partner universities and medical educational organizations of the republic, as well as neighboring countries.

Website of the LMQS project:


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