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Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi is the main institution of the higher education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was the first to pass the state certification and proved its right to carry out academic activities in all specialties and at all levels.

The university has 16 functional faculties, 67 departments, 32 institutes and research centres, including the higher medical school, which will be involved in the project, more than 2000 professors, doctors of science, candidates of science and doctoral students, more than 100 academicians from the largest academies. , more than 40 Honoured workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, about 40 state and nominal laureates of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 40 laureates of young scientists' awards, 47 fellows of state scientific scholarships. The University has more than 18,000 students and teachers of a multi-level system of higher professional education. We cooperate with 418 major international universities in the world to implement joint international educational programs and programs.

KazNU was the first university in Kazakhstan and Central Asia to join the Magna Charta Universitatum in 2003 and adopt a three-stage system of higher education. Its first doctoral program was opened in 2005. Since 2009, KazNU has been offering double degree programs with universities in France, Japan, Russia, and Spain.

KazNU has relations with more than 460 universities in 48 countries. According to the QS World University Rankings 2017, KazNU is among the top 300 universities in the world, taking 236th place. KazNU is a member of the IAU, the UAE, the WUC, a signatory of the Magna Charter Universitatum, SEFI, IAESTE, the Eurasian-Pacific UNINET, IREG, and WAAS, the Global Center of the United Nations Program on Academic Impact on Sustainability. KazNU has been successfully cooperating with European partner universities in EU projects for many years.

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