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The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) is one of the top five higher educational institutions in Russia. Since its foundation, it has become global. With 28,000 students, a quarter of whom are foreigners from more than 150 countries, it manages 150 joint programs with more than 100 countries. It plays a central role in the networks of universities in the CIS, Shanghai and BRICS.

At the heart of the RUDN philosophy is the need to provide innovative, interdisciplinary and international training designed to influence society. He benefits from his many years of experience in managing international cooperation in the field of study and research: returning students and graduates continue to honor the traditions they learned at RUDN and often lead to deeper international cooperation.

The University has a multidisciplinary faculty structure typical of classical universities in the world, including a high-performance medical faculty. Specialists are trained in 62 master's and academic areas. RUDN is one of the leading universities in the development and implementation of doctoral programs. In 2017, RUDN became one of the first 19 universities in Russia that received the opportunity to award doctoral degrees (until 2017, all doctoral degrees were issued by the Higher Qualification Commission at the state level).

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